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Papermend is a trusted proofreading service used by thousands of international students, writers and global businesses. Submitting assignments could not be easier with the use of our online system.

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As English is not my first language, Papermend are an important second pair of educated eyes. This makes me sleep so well at night, knowing that in the morning, they will have fixed all of the errors in my written English.

I can focus on the content of my work, instead of struggling for hours to make sure it is simply legible (they even suggested I use the word legible instead of readable - see!).

Patricia Roberts (Student - London School of Economics)

About Papermend's Proofreading Service

Papermend is a highly trained team of editors and proofreaders who correct the documents of students and businesses, including writers and publishers. Our team are all UK accredited proofreaders and generally hold MBA's or PhD's in specialist subjects. We work effectively to return student assignments and documents in less than 24-hours if required and we offer complete confidentiality.

Many online businesses rely heavily on the content displayed on their site to help them bring in more customers. Most of the content being posted in them are articles that sometimes explain a particular service, the company’s history, or a special promotion that they might be offering. If you want your customers to take your articles seriously, then you need to ensure that they are grammatically correct, have zero spelling errors, and talk about the main topic in a detailed fashion.

All good article writers know that paying attention to their grammar and spelling is important since they always strive to bring out quality in all of their written pieces. There are no special techniques or secrets involved when writing an article, but it does have some strict rules that need to be followed. Most of these rules mainly apply to proper use of grammar and punctuation, but there are times when even the most experienced writers can make some mistakes and not be aware of them.

Papermend has recently become part of the UK Flux Technologies Limited group. Registered UK company 7235233. Since 2003, Papermend has returned over 540-million words of proofread text back to clients.